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Intercambios inglés español - Intercambio de idiomas en España por droles.


37 años | España

I am resuming my learning of English with a view to looking for move away abroad. I am looking for people to improve mainly my speaking and
increase my confidence by talking English. I am not a Spanish teacher, but I have got a very high level of vocabulary and last year I helped a Romanian friend to study Spanish C2.

I am from Madrid, but my parents are from a small village in Segovia, which I go to very often to disconnect from the stress of the big city. I love getting lost in the mountains with my bicycle, reading, watching series and movies, my two cats, ... And of course sharing a good talk having coffee or beer. If you agree with it, we can start chatting as soon as possible.

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droles habla Español y quiere aprender Inglés


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