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Intercambios al extranjero en verano para aprender idiomas - Intercambio de idiomas en Paraguay por RomanGabriel.


17 años | Paraguay

I'm Gabriel, from Paraguay, Spanish is my native language, and I also speak advanced English. I'm looking for a Germany exchange, were someone could come here in Paraguay and I go to Germany and each family takes care of the other, or where I can live with a bed and 3 meals in exchange for me teaching Spanish (or English) as well as I learn German.
I'm a very enthusiastic person, friendly and people say I'm fun, I'm really into Languages in general, politics, swimming, and I really like to chill outdoors with friends. I'm looking in this website for an economical way of having a year exchange in a Gymnasium in Germany, since I want to go to the university the year after in there.

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RomanGabriel habla Español y quiere aprender Alemán

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